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Thread: no more than 4/5 online public lobbies?

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    no more than 4/5 online public lobbies?

    Hi all!
    after years of offline racing I suddenly decided (god knows why) to try online.
    Is it normal that I usually see no more than 4/5 (rarely 8) available lobbies? (no private lobbies at all)

    In this momente, for example, no more than 20/25 people playing this game WORLD WIDE?!!
    I understand many migrated to PC2 but still....

    Is it maybe an hardware/connection issue? I didn't forwarding port but the "connection test" on ps4 says NAT 2 so...

    Sorry for the naive question but I'm really surprised...

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    I haven't touched pcars1 since the pcars 2 come out . Time too move on my friend lol. Plenty of lobbies and people that run leagues.

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    I'm aligned with the original poster... I'm new to online and really enjoying it, however being very busy with limited gaming time, I've not felt the need to upgrade to PC2. Is it that much different?

    I had same query, having been puzzled at how there can only be a handful of people on the planet hosting a race at any one time? I assumed PC2 would have a lot more, but still, was surprised.

    Probably I will upgrade to PC2 then, but kind of putting it off as I'll need to faff about recording my wheel / other settings ready to re-create in PC2. Assume you can't export / import settings from PC1 to PC2?

    I guess at that point I'll have a lot of other queries such as how the hell one handles all these bums who just want to smash into other racers, especially when losing or overtaken.

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