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Thread: Standings using Google Spreadsheets

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    Standings using Google Spreadsheets

    I'm using Google spreadsheets from a long time ago to keep the standings of my comunity.

    The advantage is that is easy to use, is easy to edit, and you can program decent statistics, without much efforts. Also you can publish directly from Google, or you can insert it as iframe in your own web or forum (if it allows iframes).

    Someone of other comunity asked me about that question, and I've made a template from mine's spreadsheet, that I have shared for him and anyone here who wants to use it :

    You can copy to your own Google Drive account, and use it the way you like.

    Some features:

    - Up to 25 races and 32 drivers.
    - Programable scoring system.
    - Discard "n" worst results for each driver.
    - Statitics of wins, podiums, poles & fiascos.
    - Number of races, best position, worst position, average & most repeated.
    - Autohighligths of the best in each category.
    - Team standings with statistics and comparision between both players of each team (second sheet of the book).
    - Macros to sort the list and apply format. Other button to clear the data but not the formulas (be careful with you data!!!)

    The published result linked as iframe looks something like this: (two iframes in same HTML)

    You can share/publish from Google with the share option. Also you can specify the range of cells you want to publish adding it to the resulting URL. Example: &range=a1%3Aar25&widget=false

    I've also a little bit more complex spreadsheets with rounds of races (we usually make cycles of 4-6 races with same car/category), with partials and overall standings. This one is still in spanish but if someone is interested ask me by PM. This one looks like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Asturbo View Post
    Added Blank template with Rounds:

    Up 7 rounds of 6 races. If less rounds or races per round, you only need hidde the required columns
    Added a new one:

    Ahd this is how it looks after publishing:
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