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Thread: [NO CHAT]Project CARS 3 Wishlist & Ideas

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    That said, here's my list that I compiled a long time ago already, for the sake of not losing it

    Random weather in career, and extreme weather not used in career races (only in invitationals)
    Championship creator
    No cut track penalties after contact or in case of crashes in front of the player's car
    Working pit lane lights
    Pit stops working in Private Testing
    Car dirt build-up not tied to time progression speed, but to distance driven (and no resetting to clean after some time/distance)

    Allow controller profiles saving (e.g. for different wheel rims, or different button assignment layouts)
    All button assignments re-mappable
    All FFB parameters mappable to buttons
    FFB changes in-car saved per car
    Flatspotting communicated better through FFB
    Optional Look To Apex tied to steering wheel movement

    Car set-up changes stick for the session without saving
    Animated graphics for car set-up changes

    User-definable replay length, including full session replays for all sessions (FP, TT, QR)
    Option to define replay saving length in time or in number of laps
    Automatic hotlap replay saving
    Storage and/or access to all telemetry data in replays
    Possibility to skip/drag the progress bar to a specific time instead of fast-forwarding through the replay, with lap markers on the progress bar

    Increased physics fidelity on PC at least (e.g. higher resolution STM, bodywork visible in rearview mirrors)
    Better collision physics for roadside objects
    Improved car-to-car collision physics, including energy absorption through bodywork deformation in some way (cars behave too much like fully rigid objects now)
    Re-introduce tyre punctures

    Fix inability to run wide when taking inside corner.
    AI shouldn't brake whenever there is (light) contact, they should keep on racing instead of slowing down deliberately
    Pit stop occupied issue (AI and multiplier where retired player occupies pit)
    Fixed AI opponents (name vs strength) to enable championship rivalry with AI
    AI only slow down close to pit speed limit line, not at pit entry
    AI affected by puddles the same way as player

    Random weather for practice, quali, race not identical
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    I have only two things, actually.

    Priority 1:

    A next evolution of the netcode including: tracking of objects like bumpers barriers and cones and tracking of critical components like rear lights being attached across all players. A great evolution in car dynamics being expressed from player to player this means better filters to keep cars looking and acting realistically across the network.

    A lock on ranked races: this means that all races that will use the ranking system are very limited in options. There will be only 3 sets of rules that can be chosen from when making a lobby. The more difficult sets of rules will be locked out for people with lower ratings. Rankingless will still be completely free of course.

    In my view these are necessities. You will need scientific evidence to get me to review this opinion.
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    AI Difficulty Scaling

    I had a friend over and put them in an AI race at 30 difficulty and the race was a complete disaster. The AI continually rear-ended him as he braked too early. The rest of the field would fly by him, but then there'd be a traffic jam at the apex.

    I tried racing the AI at that level and couldn't even pull off a clean race. Once you get above difficulty level ~50, things start to smooth out, but I could imagine being very frustrated when starting out at lower levels.

    The problem is that the way AI scale their pace doesn't seem to match what a human driver does. For example:

    AI noob, slow-corner behavior: brakes pretty close to the optimal braking point, but slows waaaaay down for the corner.

    Human noob, slow-corner behavior: brakes early (and more softly), but carries more speed through the corner.

    IMO, the AI behavior should be tuned to scale down braking points and strength more than actual corner speed. Humans brake earlier out of uncertainty and in an effort to maintain stability at turn-in. Once you're in the corner, most people seem able to find the edge of grip. If anything, noobs tend to carry too much speed into the corners, which is the opposite of the AI.

    I found that the best tactic for beating the AI on 30 was to simply stay outside, let the AI brake up the inside, then simply drive around them. You can drive from last to 1st in a 16 car field in one or two laps this way, but it doesn't teach actual racecraft. Once you get to difficulty 50+ the "drive around the outside" strategy is pretty much useless.

    I know this won't matter as much to experienced players, but my friend was really turned off by the whole experience. I think it's keeping polite, enthusiastic players out of pCARS, pushing them back to simcade titles like GT Sport.
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    What I'd like to see:
    Livery Editor
    I like the Gran Turismo editor with the Deal Uploading and Livery Sharing.

    I'd like to see a number of classes expanded/evolved.
    GT4 - It's evolved a lot since the release of PCARS2 with the addition of various cars such as the new Aston Martin and BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, Ford, Mclaren and Chevrolet.
    Super Trofeo - Replaced with the Evo car.
    Touring Car - Add a few TCR cars as seen in the WTCR series.

    Improved Multi-Class System
    RaceRoom does this well with the ability to select the amount of cars in each class and each specific car.

    The European variation is good. However, I'd like to see more Asian and American tracks. Especially ovals for America.
    I'd like to see the tracks of a number of series added to fill out their calendars. E.g. Sebring and Shanghai for the WEC. Paul Ricard for the ELMS and Blancpain GT Europe. Misano, Zandvoort and Hungaoring for Blancpain GT.

    More weather types as well as the ability to use a Variable weather setting as seen in the Codemasters games if the slot system is kept. I'd like to see the slot system overhauled with a percentage style system where you select the percentage chance of rain and the game will choose the slots for you.

    Re-introduction of punctures. Potentially allow for running over debris or contact to cause them.
    Smaller parts of cars to be damaged. E.g. On Open Wheel cars, an endplate would be able to be damaged as opposed to the whole wing on an IndyCar.
    Wheel tethers on cars that have them. Mainly an open wheel thing.

    Linked to the custom liveries but I'd like the ability to be able to create liveries with specific series sponsors and number positioning with the plates. For example, IMSA has a class sticker on the side of the car as well as their number plates.
    I'd like to have sponsor requirements for liveries such as a minimum size, where they are required to be placed and how many.
    I'd like the ability to hire a teammate for series which allow/require one.
    Also keep the option to run as a driver.

    Race Rules
    Ability to state a maximum starting fuel load. Can be specific numbers or a percentage of the original fuel load.
    Ability to force a maximum fuel load. Can be a percentage in a multi-class series or number in a single make.
    Ability to force a compound change. Would be useful in an IndyCar or other Formula series.
    Ability to have multiple races in a weekend.
    For multiple races, the ability to choose the grid lineup would be useful. E.g. Reversed Top X, Fastest Lap, Random Reversed Top X
    Ability to choose the minimum length of a race and have the game calculate the laps.
    In timed races, the option to add a lap after the time has expired.

    Flag Rules
    Implement slow zones as seen in the WEC. Require the player to slow down for them.
    A Code 60 style system where the player is limited to X speed when it is activated.
    A full Safety Car.
    The ability to close the pitlane under the SC.
    Ability to disable the Safety Car for weather conditions whilst still having it on for damage.

    Qualifying - As I have a few ideas, I'll put it into a separate section.
    Indy500 Qualifying - The average of 4 flying laps. Would be nice to replicate a bump day as would have 34 (Player + 33 AI) cars into 32 spots.
    In addition, I'd like to see the single lap qualifying or a maximum of 5 with the ability to choose the best or average.
    Knockout Qualifying - I'd like to see this implemented into the game with the ability to add up to 4/5 rounds and choose the cars progressing and duration of each round.
    Other formats of qualifying would be interesting to see like Formula E which has a Superpole at the end of a grouped qualifying.
    Ability to watch qualifying when knocked out/not running.

    Ability to release whenever. Either as a game option or just on ovals to replicate IndyCar and NASCAR rules.
    Increased pitstop adjustments. Especially for IndyCar such as downforce and tyre pressures.

    An interactive race engineer who you can ask questions like the F1 games.
    Standing starts on ovals.
    Increase the car counts to Project CARS 1 levels.
    Force mandatory pitstop in timed races.
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    Speaking of pit stops. The current pit strategy system is extremely tedious, and IMO incentivizes lobby hosts to avoid pit stops. The guys I raced with love incorporating mandatory pit stops in simple 8-ish lap sprint races, but the current pit strategy system generates a lot of complaints.

    Simplified Pit System
    - Interactive pit menu (appears while in pit stall)
    - Relative tyre pressure adjustment (currently have to specify prior to race, and cannot adjust)
    - Select/change tyres from a visual menu
    - Dynamic fueling (fuel until the user says to stop)
    - "Laps remaining" fuel gauge
    - Tyre temp/health infographic (large and easy to read)
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    This is my humble wishlist:
    - No annoying penalty system in TT (this and NEXT lap) makes often zero sense
    - Better leveled AI (curves/acceleration - wet/dry)
    - Side by side behaviour of AI's is currently lame
    - No sticky curbs (curbs are part of the track/fun)
    - Flag system (for yellow please an autopilot (smoke/coffee)
    - Car managment for pit also while game paused (no multitasking here...)
    - Editable offline season
    - Some comrades for the Mustang '66, (for instance a Charger and a Vette)
    - No new TT session without tyres (as it can happen with Lotus open wheelers after crashing)
    - More oldtimers (great amount though! never enuff)
    - A few rally tracks with changing surfaces, jumps and such
    - Slider for AI incidents like failures, crashes, blown up engines.
    - that I become a better driver
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    I would love to see the following changes implemented in PCars3.

    Multiplayer race lobbies:

    Ability to select how much modifications are allowed during a race. Only allow 1, 2, 3, etc of setup tabs to be modified or any combination of setups. For example allow the host to only allow Tires/Brakes/Chassis, Suspension and Damper adjustments but not the other tabs. That way it isn't an all or nothing approach.


    Ability to just change setups without having to save it to a file while tuning the car. Something like what Forza/i-Racing has.
    Limit tuning on production cars. Eg: The GT-86/FR-S, Mustangs, etc don't allow gear ratios to be adjusted or don't have adjustable diff. Please remove those tuning options from production cars. IRL, most people put on coilovers and sway bars. That allows them to adjust alignment and suspension components. Eg: spring rate, ride height, damper settings, sway bar rates, castor, camber, toe. Perhaps change swaybar options in production cars to soft, med, stiff to mimic real life instead of numberical values like race cars. And allow spring rates to change in 1k (50lb/in) increments.


    More tracks please. Eg: Road Atlanta, Sebring, Mid Ohio, Lime Rock, Homestead Miami, Hallet, Miller Motorsport Park, VIR, Twin Ring Motegi, Tsukuba, Interlagos, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Sepang, etc ...
    Even if the tracks are offered as additional pay content I believe people will buy them. I would rather see less cars and more tracks.


    Please add the following cars:
    Spec Miata, Spec 350z, both platforms have limited tuning options and would make for fun close online races.

    Race penalties:

    I think PCars2 has a done the best job for race penalties of any simulator out there. It the smartest and most logical penalty system I have seen implemented to date but I think we can refine it to be slightly better.
    Please fix cutting at on the bus stop on the Daytona race track and the bus stop at Watkins Glen when strict penalties are turned ON.
    Have a low, medium and strict setting for penalties in multiplayer lobbies so people can customize their lobbies.
    Fix penalties being applied to a car that gets bumped off the track during a race. Eg: Perhaps design the logic to be something like this, if car cuts corner or goes off track but there was a impact/collision within 1 sec before the off track excursion, negate penalty. Basically each car would need like a 1 sec buffer of collision (yes or no) to determine whether a off track penalty should be applied.
    Another issue is when cars spin out in front of you and you hit them, the car behind gets a penalty and is forced to give the position back or take a penalty. The logic is sound that the car behind is at fault if there is a collision, unless the car in front is spinning out or has lost control. One way to fix this issue would be to account for the slip angle of the car in front. Meaning the logic could be something like this: if the car in front is at a 25deg or more slip angle when the collision happens, no penalties applied to the car in the back as it collects the car in front and it is trying to avoid a collision.
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    What line?
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    Netcode, Netcode that works great.
    Leaderboards that you can watch per car on consoles and is also fast and error free.
    Sound that is better inside the car and also in replay.
    Telemetry that you can access before driving when driving and after driving in detail (certainly on consoles)
    Penalty system that is consistent , fair and easy to use.
    Weather that makes sense. No snow in championships, no puddles that are so deep you need a boat, etc...
    More attention to detail (better flag system, safety car, etc...).
    More Laserscanned tracks (Sebring, Macau, etc...).
    Kerbs that make more sense (a little less impact).
    The feeling of the front end of the car that you can feel better.
    Less of the weight shifting of the cars, sometimes it feels like you are driving a boat.
    Better broadcast mode (esports is important).
    A continuation of great racecars of the past with Dodge Viper and Lister and such and maybe Touring Cars and such.
    A better integrated carreer that makes you want to play.
    Better contact between the cars (see RaceRoom).
    No bugs or the least possible
    Support long after release (much longer then this one)
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    Here is my wish list. I know it may seem too long, but many things already commented:


    • Longer life support. A sim requires a solid support, development and polishing after release.
    • More iteraction and feedback with devs in this forum.
    • Different versions of the game to take advantage of each platform and that no one, limits others.
    • More focus in online and esports.
    • Anti-piracy less intrusive and doesn't afecting online performance.
    • Improve open wheel cars.
    • WMD3


    • Improve Antialiasing options in Madness Engine.
    • Add safety car.
    • Safety cars deploy on player’s (or host) demand.
    • Safety car in formation laps to avoid pole sitter will be in disadvantange.
    • Real yellow flags, not only informative.
    • Marshalls with flags in track.
    • Time acceleration with multipliers of 24/60: 2x,3x,4x,6x,12x,24x…
    • Clutch/transmission design (see document below).
    • Identical shifting times with auto gearboxes cars, independently of personal setup (clutch setup should't affect).
    • DRS configuration options: always / when close to car in front / disabled.
    • Add fuel consumption per lap and estimated autonomy to the HUD.
    • Driver’s names in the car windshield or lateral windows to avoid virtual labels.
    • Adjustable size of virtual mirror with FOV setting (actually too small and object looking unrealisticaly far).
    • Improve aspect of starting lights and change sequence (up to down as IRL).
    • Random green light from 1 to 3 seconds after last red.
    • Change arrow proximity system to something like Assetto Radar.
    • Include mandatory pit stops in timed races.
    • One shot qualifying.
    • Add overall fastest time message (now only personal fastest).
    • Statistics and telemetry after the race. May be an external app to analyze data)
    • Weather forecast for the session.
    • Surface status report before race: green, rubbered, dirt, wet, marbles, puddles...
    • Night too dark and lights covers too short distance.
    • Custom libraries & Library editor (could be an external app).
    • Export race data to HTML format or QR to publish easily in webs/forums.
    • Option of start a race from pits for last minute logged players, penalties or rejoined players.
    • Flat tyres (for impact or wear, not random punctures).
    • Web based player statistics.
    • Improve car and track sounds.
    • Improve engineer messages (Crew Chief integration?)
    • Custom offline championships.
    • Improve API documentation & support .


    • Improve stability.
    • Reduce Steam dependency during online sessions.
    • Restore kick option for the master of the session. Very, very important.
    • Allow program button to vote "Yes" or "No" while driving (for kicking rammers)
    • Prevent kicked players rejoins same lobby.
    • Reduce amount of data transferred to have lighter packets.
    • Reduce the need of specific router setup (ports, NAT, UDP...)
    • Improve broadcast system to have better info of the status of the race (tyres, damage, penalties...)
    • Driving helps (not only car specific) under control in lobby (manual clutch, steering help, line…)
    • True Dedicated Servers with client/server architecture.
    • DS easier to configure with a friendly web interface.
    • DS with option to save settings in the web interface (see R3E DSs).
    • DS live status to follow the race standing, times, maps outside of the game (with a browser).
    • Add option to invite friends in DS sessions.
    • Improve online browser sortering and filtering.
    • Option to sort lobbies by other parameters (ping, time left, session, reputation).
    • Greyed not joinable lobbies.
    • Show reputation in empty lobbies.
    • Improve host migration when master leaves session.
    • Improve the UDP option that causes shuttering.
    • Option of sorting grids (useful for restarts or penalties).
    • Option to save lobby status after qualifying session (for another day or disconnection issues).
    • Option to penalize drivers with grid positions (from previous races).
    • Option to start from pits (as penalty or last minute connected user).
    • Option for the master to select parameters that could be changed in car setup (ie only aero and gears).
    • Option of rejoin to online before green lights keeping times & pos.
    • Option of rejoin after race start from pit lane (counting previously made laps).
    • When discconection, car towed to pits allowing player to reconnect and resume.
    • Option of reverse grids from QA or previous race.
    • Fix the class starting order in multiclass
    • Improve chat sytem.
    • Driver swaps for long races.
    • Ask confirmation before exiting a lobby.
    • Online reputation always enabled in public lobbies. Option to disable only in private ones.
    • Custom online skins visible for other players.
    • Remove 3 minutes limit to log the session.
    • Allow DLC content for online sessions (as in PC1).
    • Official & programmed events with matchmaking or SRS support.


    • Timeline to go to the point you need (see incident i.e.).
    • Search incidents and position changes option in replays.
    • Improve the focus of most cams.
    • Option to remove blur and unfocus effect.
    • Make replays shorter to avoid console size file limitations.
    • Improve outside cameras in VR.
    • More fixed cameras and dynamic cameras: blimp, heli…
    • Option to add telemetry to the replays.
    • Autosave replays after each session, specially in PC.


    • Improve contact physics.
    • Kerbs/curbs too impacting.
    • Black hole Kerbs (impossible to scape).
    • Improve puddles physics.
    • Many cars faster with soft than wet tyres in rain conditions.

    Weather System

    • Change slots system to a probability system.
    • Working real weather.
    • Random weather with predefined probabilities of each scenarios.
    • Random weather taking account location, hour and season.
    • Option to exclude extreme scenarios.
    • Option of variability in the weather (probability of change)
    • Logical succession of scenarios in random weather.
    • Only get flooded track with heavy rain or thunderstorm.
    • Time aceleration no affecting flooding.
    • Puddles more driveable by human player.
    • Make AI affected by puddles similar as human player.


    • Ignore the H-Shifter position at the start of any session.
    • Option to save different controller profiles.
    • ICM timeout programmable.
    • Option of secondary button for each action (paddles & sequential shifter for gears i.e.).
    • Fast keys for ICM actions (add fuel, change strategy, engine mapping i.e.).
    • Take advantage of rotary controls of new rims (black box?).
    • Sign Jack Spade for tuning FFB and integrating his flavours in the game.

    License & Penalties

    • Harder to get “S” license and easier to lose it.
    • More reward for good results to have more diversity score in players (most of us are in 1400-1600 interval).
    • Disable/decrease license penalty by accidental disconnections.
    • Don’t penalize going wide & loosing time.
    • Don’t penalize outracks to avoid incidents or blocked track (when yellows i.e.).
    • Remove penalties & damage before green lights in launch starts.
    • Add indicator for slow downs of how much we need to slow.
    • Add indicator for slow downs duration.
    • Add indicator for slow downs of how much time left we have to accomplish it.
    • Repair penalties that disappear in next turn without doing anything.
    • Strikes penalty system with 2 warnings before slowdown (as IRL).
    • Show reputation in online browser for empty servers/lobbies.
    • Reputation always enabled in public lobbies. Option to disable only in private ones.
    • "This and next lap" invalidated only in last turn of the circuit, not whole last sector.

    Setup and Strategies

    • Difference setup and strategies in the game.
    • Tyres and fuel load, out of the setup of the car (it’s not engineering, its strategy).
    • Allow change tyres and fuel load with mandatory setups (it’s an strategy not a setup).
    • Allow change setups without save and load setup (fuel load or tyres i.e.).
    • More setups slots, especially if its needed saving to changing anything.
    • More predefined setups or a slider of “grip vs speed” with 3 setups: Grip/Neutral/Speed
    • Option for what things could be changed in car setup in online (only wings or gears i.e.).
    • Redesign pit stop logic. If no tasks in box, must be an stop & go (no actual minimum of 5").
    • No busy pit stops and remove actual unsafe release that blocks you in pits or box.
    • More confident pit stop strategies (many times fails and you get different things you want).
    • Repairing or refueling until player inserts 1st gear (partial repairs not loosing more time if you want).
    • Fast pit stops option, with higher pit speed limit and 5x accelerated time for pit works. Actually too long specially for sprint races.
    • Recover more tyre wear options (same as in PC1).
    • Add an option of accelerated fuel consumption.
    • Allow online host to create a mandatory setup for a session.
    • Option to export, print or capture setups in one screen.
    • QR for setup parameters sharing. Link

    This list collects most of the suggestions made in this forum during the last years (not only mine's).

    Arguments and further information for some of the related items here: Link
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    trans rights

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