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Thread: FFB Problems Logitech G920 Project Cars 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichRyx View Post
    I get the same problem. Using a G29 has become harder and harder. Not sure if it just my wheel giving up on me.
    I've been reading this to see if it is worth upgrading from a G29 to a Fanatec belt driven wheel.
    Anybody here gone from a G29 to a Fanatec CSL or CSW? Care to report how much better it is or if there are any issues such as shaking with PC2?
    Wheel shaking, oscillation, happens in all Sims with all wheels in certain circumstances and isn't a fault.
    If you are on xb1 use grids less than about 14 to avoid the xb overload situation that spoils the ffb, this shouldn't be confused with the oscillation effect that can occur on any ffb wheel and game.
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