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Thread: Automobilista 2

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    My very first car was a Fiat Uno, 3 door 1991 facelift model (1000cc, 75hp). Did some very minor tuning to it. The same Uno represented in AMS2 actually feels a lot like its real life counterpart. I fired up the sim 2 days ago after a substantial time, it feels way better than ever. I wish Project Cars 2 EOL was not as short. Madness engine & Live track are amazing foundations.

    I even burst out in joyous laughter and a big smile from ear to ear. The future can be great if we Humans raise our qualities rather than brutalities.

    PC Racing since 1990 (Sports Car GT, GTR 1&2, GT Legends, Grand Prix Legends, Geoff Crammond Microprose Grand Prix 1,2,3,4).
    Current PC Specs: I7 9800X -- Asus Strix X299 -- 32GB@3600 -- EVGA 1080Ti Hybrid FTW3 -- Sound Blaster AE-7 -- LG 34" 2560x1080 @ 75hz -- Logitech G27
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