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    Hi, i'm gavranovic of Gavra Racing i was wondering, how can i get in the Project Cars 2 e-sport staff? Is there a way to be an affiliate league of Project Cars on PS4 as we organize regular series, broadcasted every week and we have a good rules system.

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    Hello. We aren't actively looking to add to our list of affiliate leagues at the moment. However, we will DM you an email address where you can contact our team for a chat.
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    Its Kiranone77. I own Project CARS 2 on PC and on PS4. I have three questions.

    [1] I wanted to know in Radical SR3 Rs if assist ABS and TC are turned on along with Stability control on in Project CARS Pro what does that replicate in Project CARS 2 on PC/PS4.

    Does it means

    (A) ABS low TC low and SC on * *or

    (B) ABS high TC high and SC on.

    (2) Why some of the tracks are missing on Project CARS pro track list which are available on Project Cars 2? Such as Spa, Nurburgring, Fuji. Is it available on request ?

    (3) What is the default setup for Radical SR3 RS in project CARS Pro? Is it Default Loose or Default loose from Project CARS 2 or something else?

    I am requesting you please clarify this.

    Thank you.

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