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Thread: International Drivers League ( A USA based xbox Project Cars 2 League )

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    International Drivers League ( A USA based xbox Project Cars 2 League )

    IDL is the sim-racing league racing fans who want a more authentic sim-racing experience. IDL pits fast drivers against each other with no setups or assists, meaning that all the cars are identical ensuring that the best drivers come out on top. Most of our races are incredibly close with gaps of around half a second between cars. The goal of IDL was not only to create a competitive league but also to create the league of tomorrow. IDL is one of the few leagues with a website and forums, meaning that you can jump right into the action without needing a 3rd party account. So what are you waiting for, join the league of tomorrow!

    To sign up go visit us at and join our discord at

    Please if you have any questions comment below ;)
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