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Thread: Need help diagnosing broken t300

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    Need help diagnosing broken t300

    Hello everyone.
    As I am new to this forum i would like to apologize if this isn't the right place for this type of thread.

    Recently i have bought a broken t300rs, hoping for an easy fix and upgrade to my rig. Sadly it turned out the wheel has a fault not mentioned in the listing.
    When plugged into a PC, it connects normally and installs drivers, but the wheel does not calibrate. When taken apart it seems the motor tries to spin slightly to the right, but kind of just gives up and returns to center. The motor also emits a high pitched sound and gets hot quite quickly

    When trying to use the calibration tool the motor starts to strongly vibrate, sometimes actually spinning the wheel a bit to one side.
    But the calibration always ends with "Error:Pre-Calibration not found!"

    So far i have installed the newest firmware, tryed different PC's, checked the black piece on the motor for cracks and taken the motor apart to see if anything is loose.

    I'm pretty sure the motor is fine, although i do not have any good way of testing it

    The only thing i found weird is wear on the encoder board where the magnet on the axle spins, but it seems i can't post pictures on this forum yet. Could that be the problem? Or is it the motor?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kongu View Post
    Recently i have bought a broken t300rs, hoping for an easy fix
    Here is the main issue. You bought a broken T300. I have two T300 broken servo bases sitting in my closet. Gladly sell you a broken base but realize these wheels have both been thru the RMA process more than once. My third base hase been working fine for over a year. I also installed mt own fan to help with the over heating. Early on at the beginning of the T300 there seemed to be issues with force feedback being set to high and the motor was over heating. Here is some reading regarding T300. Hopefully one of these articles may help you.

    After you dismantle your wheel check for cracks hall sensor

    When and if you get your base working make sure to enable "fan on" mode

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    Thanks, i'll be sure to read through the articles you provided. Unfortunately i've only found out about the problems People have with those wheels after buying it. Although the listing only spoke about a broken cable. Well anyway thank you for the help. If i can't get it fixed i'll probably just part it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGETI View Post
    When and if you get your base working make sure to enable "fan on" mode
    Thanks for posting this. After 11 years of reliable G25 and G29 use, I saw a T300 for a price I couldn't resist. I've kept the Logitech's for when it fails but hopefully this tip might put that day off a bit longer.

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