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Thread: Screen tear

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    Screen tear

    I am getting screen tear on xbox one x playing on a Q60R with freesync enabled, makes no difference if on or off. Also getting fps drops on tracks like long beach in the rain.

    Hvae tried all the enhanced modes but no joy
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    If you decide to pick up a Xbox Series X when it's released. Load PC2 up. I promise you that screen tearing & fps drops will be gone. All Xbox One games will run on next gen console. They all will run as intended due to the power in XSX.
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    I always shut down my X1X completely. Quit the game (not just exit), and don't use the Instant On. Instead power down console completely. Hold Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds.

    I've not noticed any screen tearing. I mostly do Time Trials now, but I can't say I've seen fps drop either, although I probably haven't done Long Beach in rain.
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