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Thread: Chat is not working at all

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    Chat is not working at all

    Hi All.

    It's been a few weeks now but my chat has stopped working entirely, meaning I cannot hear anyone in the lobby and on track. I can see players are chatting (by their gamertag popping up on screen), but I cannot hear anyone at all. I've checked all my audio settings in game and audio settings on the xbox. All seems fine. Other games I have no issue talking to other players online.

    I've double checked my network settings (Open NAT, static IP, Port forwarded) and cannot for the life of me figure out the issue?

    Anyone else had this happen and does anyone know of a fix?


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    Yes, it happens all the time. No fix that I know of, and this will likely be ignored.

    A name popping up on screen doesn't mean that person is actually speaking. I see my name pop up all the time when I'm not even wearing headphones or using a mic.

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