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Thread: Freezing and lag on solo free play

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    Freezing and lag on solo free play

    Hi all,
    I have the game on disc and download and use a tmx wheel.
    Iím getting really bad lag and freezing of the game when Iím on free play .
    Iíve tried uninstall and full Xbox factory reset and power down for a hour. Then install game from download only in case issue was on disc. But still this issue occurs making it unplayable. When the group Iím a member of set up a multi player event I also get kicked out, not sure if this is related. Please can someone help as this is a great game when it works.
    Thanks in advance Colin

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    Im afraid I can’t help you with this but I’ve had the exact same issue since the last patch, which was a long time ago now. It gets worse with more cars on track. Unfortunately I can’t see this getting fixed as I doubt we’ll see anymore patches for this game now.

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    No problems with freezing for me.
    Make sure your X is not overheating or doing any background take as that can cause glitches.
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    I had a bad shuddering and freezing issue that was caused by a currupted failed to save race replay. As soon as i deleted any saved pictures and any race replays I had stored in the game it stopped. Sounds like some download or saved file is currupted somewhere either in the games memory or your xboxs memory.

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    Freezing and lag on solo free play

    Im having the same issue i lag every step nearly and the loading for rendering is bad also i disconnect too much is there a fix soon??

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