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Thread: Users stalking and harrassing me

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    Users stalking and harrassing me

    I host monzalobbies nightly and have a large number of racers who enjoy my lobbies. However for the past few weeks i have been stalked by a user AMIGUEL66. Every time this guy joins my lobby he ends up crashing me and destroying my race. Last night i created 7 lobbies. Each time this guy joined i would exit and start a new lobby and invite racers. But after a short while AMIGUEL66 would join my new lobby. Like i said i left and created 7 new lobbies . Each time this guy would join.
    I have asked this guy politely not to join my lobbies as i did not want to race with him. The response i got from him was a middle finger emojie. This guy is destroying any enjoyment i get from playing this game. He is also destroying the other racers in order to win. Thesear3 deliberate actions by AMIGUEL66 to harrassand stalk me.
    Because you guys removed the VOTE TO KICK option AMIGUEL66, Lilkidracer13 and other TROLLS can join lobbies and crash and destroy racers with total impunity. NO REPERCUSSIONS at all.
    DO YOU GUYS EVEN GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE. These people aredestroying any fun or enjoyment we have anymore.
    This guy, AMIGUEL66 stalks and harrasses me every night.
    When i try to send this guy a message expressing myself verbally, i get messages from PlayStation network warning me.

    What do i do

    I guarantee i am not thefirst or the only user telling you this these users are forcing me to not want to play project cars. This sucks because i think project cars 2 is the best racing sim out there. I will be preordering project cars 3


    I am a very stalked and harrased racer.

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    Have you thought about raising the safety rating of your lobby high enough so that your nemesis can't join?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MuddyPaws73 View Post
    Have you thought about raising the safety rating of your lobby high enough so that your nemesis can't join?
    +1. Increase the safety rating and invite racers manually.
    They will be able to join even if their rating (of those you invite) is lower than the lobby minimum.
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    You could also report the user in question on PSN for harassment, and get your friends you race with to do the same. Enough reports should get them banned for a while.

    Quote Originally Posted by Squeezediver
    When i try to send this guy a message expressing myself verbally, i get messages from PlayStation network warning me.
    He's probably reported you after you've done that, which is why you're getting those warnings from PSN.

    Edit: Is this them?

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    Change your PSN ID.

    Sadly that is likely all you can do to break the chain with this guy stalking you.
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    You can place him on your Block List and then he cannot enter no matter the rating.

    After he joins a lobby, go to the PS4 main window, to Friends, then to 'Players Met'. All who were in your last race room will be there (plus several races prior, if you forget to do it immediately). Select his name, then when his profile loads, go to the upper left part of the screen. There are three icons there, select the one that has '. . . ' in it. In there will be a 'Block Player' dialog. Block him, and he NEVER gets back in as long as you are host.

    Problem solved...

    BTW, it seems the PS4's Block List is MUCH longer than the PS3's, so you can do this on a pretty much ongoing basis with all griefers. I always make a point of adding the deliberately disruptive players to mine. Then if I'm host, I never see them again.

    If only more hosts would do this, the griefers would leave the game with no-one to irritate any more other than other players who only want to irritate THEM!
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