Hello members of the PC2 forms, I have recently bought PC2. All my life I was only used to the arcade racing provided to me by NFS. Since I'm fed up of EA and its money milking tactics I promised myself to never buy an EA game. I love playing racing games on my console. There was a sale and I thought maybe I should buy a racing game of a different franchise, so I bought PC2 totally unaware that the game has advanced racing mechanics and that a steering wheel was highly recommended. I am pretty good at arcade racing but PC2 is a whole new world for me. I do not own a steering wheel for gaming neither can afford to buy one at the moment. The effort required to drive any car even at a short distance like for example a 100 yards using the controller was overwhelming. I realized then that the game was not meant to be played using a
controller. Its been a short while now since I have been playing the game. I mostly feel discouraged throughout the race and rarely finish in top 5. I have binge played this for a week so far. I looked up the internet searching for answers and I realized that I was not the only one struggling. Many YouTube tutorial videos state that the default controller configuration is ideal since the latest patch was applied but the car still seems like it answers only to itself. If only there was an option to enable Arcade mode. So if you have faced similar challenges using the Dualshock V4 controller and overcame them, Kindly share the configuration and settings you have used which will help me save my time and also enjoy the playing the game. A setting closer to the arcade racing setting is preferred. Thank You. Cheers!