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Thread: How long did PC1 PSN stay up for?

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    How long did PC1 PSN stay up for?

    With PC3 about to drop and seemingly a radical shift (ha!) in direction, I am starting to wonder how long SMS will let me play PC2 online for after the new game comes out.

    So, can anyone tell me how long PC1 was supported on PS4 PSN for after PC2 came out? I don't have PC1, so can't try to connect.

    Or is there still an online multiplayer but no-one plays it?

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    PC1 servers are still running on PS4. I saw two GT3 rooms running at once within the last week.

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    Wow! I am impressed...

    PD shut down their GT5 servers after 6mos, the GT6 servers after a year. Three years of support after the new game dropped is very good support. Let’s hope the sale to Codemasters doesn’t change this practice.

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