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Thread: Project Cars 3 PlayStation specific discussion.

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    Project Cars 3 PlayStation specific discussion.

    I just wanted to set up a thread where we could discuss PC3 issues specific to PS4 players.

    It looks very much like SMS made this game for console first rather than PC first and then half assed ported to consoles... hopefully this might fix some of the issues we have had to deal with in PC2, like lobby issues, Livetrack instability and graphic problems as our lowly consoles couldnít cope with the high res trees and other ephemera.

    Hopefully as well lobby host migration issues and the lack of sync between Race Central displays and true time left to join lobbies have received some attention and overall net code stability is better.

    They are going after the console players, they arenít going to be too kind if the console netcode is as poorly implemented as last game.

    For instance, scrolling through all lobbies. The PC version shows the total of all lobbies (as does GT Sport, so itís not a platform thing), and allows you to sort then page through them all. PS4 ever only said 20 at a time, no idea how many total.

    The PC version allows hosts to title lobbies (as does GT Sport, so itís not a platform thing) so itís easy to differentiate a cruise room from a drift room from a club rules room from a no rules bashed room, as long as the host labels them.

    With any luck, these seemingly minor things that add up to a major improvement finally make it to consoles.

    Then thereís the issue of griefers. Attract more of the console players, you are going to attract the plague of bad players whoís only goal is to ruin it for others. Watch any Forza Idiots video if you arenít already all too familiar with that type of player..! Most other console games have tools to deal automatically with them, ghosting rammers and back markers if desired. It remains to be seen if SMS have any idea what attracting a more casual console crowd online is going to do to public rooms. Removing host kick from the last game certainly doesnít seem to indicate they had any awareness of the consequences of that blunder.

    Letís hope they learned their lesson!

    What other console specific issues are you hoping for, dreading, whatever?

    Letís be realistic here. Itís still a PS4 game so expecting 30+ grids online ainít gonna happen..! But SMS have had the opportunity to tweak the game more for us console player types than before. What are you expecting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDriver View Post

    It looks very much like SMS made this game for console first rather than PC first and then half assed ported to consoles...
    That's the only part of your post I disagree with, given that it's basically pcars2 underneath (I'll bet on it once I see the madness engine logo on a pc3 trailer).

    At the same time it's not a bad thing. Think: pcars2 with a further 3 years of development.

    The mp ui issues for me are minor. I guess I'm used to working around them. However a newcomer won't take to it so lightly.

    The 1 thing you and I both fear is the calibre of racers about to jump in to our sacred sim racing. Without necessary tools, public lobbies will become entirely unplayable for the sim crowd.

    Even now, with a wheel it isn't possible to navigate certain menus. My ds4 is dead but the ds4 can interfere with wheel operation.

    The one most powerful tool I think is the host kick function. But the rest are interesting ideas. Ghosting is an interesting tool but I think griefers can and do work around it. Ghosting lapped cars can be effective, not that I like it as a tool. Automatic ghosting of wrecks with a time period etc combined can deter wreckers but the ultimate tool I still think the host kick.
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    I hope console players gets functioning leaderboards, so I can retire my Project CALC leaderboards
    Dynamic TT ghosts updating for each lap is something I wanted in PC2, that sounds great. Interesting with promotion/relegation from TT divisions too. But we absolutely need leaderboards for each car, not just one per megaclass (all open wheelers for example).
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    Project CALC - cross-platform PC2 leaderboards per car - Xbox/PS4/PC - Forum thread
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    I was really only referring to the new stuff, I know that the PC2 underpinnings are still there, but I was more thinking along the lines of how PC2 was designed for a PC with a fairly robust graphics card and a whole bunch of resources were added that consoles had far more trouble dealing with than in PC1. Stuff like the 3D trees, for instance.

    If this trend had have continued, what we would have got was a PC3 designed for ray tracing that would be even worse on PS4. In fact, I was even a bit worried that PC3 would have waited for PS5 but even that might have had troubles if developed for a current leading edge PC graphics system.

    So I’m kind of encouraged that no dev has been touting better graphics or anything that really stresses a console more than PC2 already does. That’s a complete break from tradition!

    As information comes in, I guess we might hear about detailed leaderboards (the curated online events seems to indicate they might have a system for it). Mind you, with the added wrinkle of variable upgrade paths for street cars, and a Performance Point type GT5/6 system balancing tacked on top, I can only wonder how fractured the leaderboards will become. I guess as long as a filter for stock tunes is added, that might at least give an apples to apples leaderboard, but factor in variable upgrades to variable tunes, things rapidly turn unruly...

    Griefer mitigation is a lot more important than we think. Look how badly the Forza community declined until track limits and back marker ghosting, rammer ghosting etc. was added a year or so ago. Cleaned things up enormously. That’s not to say it can’t be gamed with skill, but that’s kind of the point... far fewer griefers actually had the skill once the mitigation was enacted. Most of them were kids.

    But yes, as far as I’m concerned, a racing game without host kick is deeply flawed. The furor over its removal rather than fixing the underlying issue (hosts kicking entire rooms to game the points system) cannot have gone unnoticed by SMS.

    Can it?
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    I remember there were some features that consoles didn't get because of Microsoft and Sony, I think it was cross platform leaderboards and custom liveries, I'm hoping things like that can be ironed out this time round.
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    As it’s the same platform, I have my doubts. Although the Rivals system seems to hint that things may have been worked around to some degree, full per car leaderboards may have to wait for the PS5.

    For league and public lobby review, I’m a lot more concerned about full race replays, and offline storage of them. A host unable to review an incident is a host that can’t make membership decisions. But I am a little resigned to things not improving despite GTS showing that it isn’t a platform problem. By now I think we would have heard about so fundamental change...

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