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Thread: Painting vs Wrapping cars

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    Painting vs Wrapping cars

    Hello everyone,,,

    New question/discussion we'd like to get some thoughts on: painting your car vs a vinyl wrap. Points we've come up with so far, please add your thoughts or correct me if I've got anything wrong!

    - Wrapping is typically cheaper (~$2k vs $3-5k)

    - Wrapping is lighter

    - Painting takes longer (drying times, multiple coats, potentially sanding)

    - Both methods are hard to get right, but wrapping depends less on technique and more about being done with care? (lining up edges, removing air bubbles, etc. vs gentleness/steadiness with the paint gun, number of layers, primers, etc.)

    One thing we're not sure about is how a wrap will do against the heat & direct sunlight.

    Thoughts? We saw a lot of painted cars at FSGP but does anyone want to defend one or the other? Personally I'm in favour of wrapping, mostly due to the weight difference.

    Thanks everyone!!!!

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    wraps under heat especially the hood on a vehicle will start to crack

    about a year ago i worked for a family that had a pet sitting business and a motorcycle accessory business the pet sitting cars were wrapped and the wraps were starting to fall apart and they had only been wrapped for about 5 years

    so when making this decision take into account down the road your car might need to be re-wrapped again so which option is cheaper for you in the long run

    if you might only have the car for 5 years then yea the wrap would be the way to go

    if you are thinking about having the car more long term id bite the bullet and paint it
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