On 7/14/20 I bought the Ferrari Essentials Pack (with my own PS4 profile) for my son to use with game on his PS4 profile.
After downloading and installing the DLC, we were unable to play with it. It's like it isn't there. At first, I thought that the reason for this situation was that we don't have a season's pass, but after taking another look to the description of the DLC, it doesn't state anywhere that a season's pass is needed.

I got in touch with BANDAI NAMCO Support service right away, but their response was : "I would really like to help you, but it is very likely a regional problem and therefore suggest that you put together with colleagues from the US Support Department". They gave me a link to get in touch with them, however after looking at their website, it looks like they don't take care of PC2 issues. Lurking ath their website is where I found you.

Please help. Do I need a season's pass in order to play the DLC? Am I missing any steps?