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Thread: Odd activity in Career Mode

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    Odd activity in Career Mode

    Hi All.

    I've just started playing and jumped in to the karting season on the PC2 Career Mode. I set the Damage to full (big mistake). Everything was fine until I made a pit-stop, then the fun and games started. My kart was repaired, tyres changes and fuel added. Then when the AI took over to take the car out of the pit, it decided to go suicidal on me and smash in to the garage, wall and practiculary anything else it could find. Once it had, had it's fun the AI drove the kart down the pit lane and I rejoined the session with a somewhat 40% damage on the car and the voiceover telling me to return to the pit as the kart was damaged.

    This is playing on the PS4 standard. I haven't touched the AI sensitivity though I have changed a few settings to do with steering and deadzones.

    Have anyone else experienced the same thing?

    I have since lowered the Damage rating and it seems to be playing a bit better. It sounds like a bug, but I wanted to check if I was the only one that has experienced this.



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    Hi, I haven't used karts in career myself. Is it on a particular circuit?
    you could activate manual control in the pits to avoid that in the future. If you don't assign a button to Pit Limiter, it will be activated automatically for you. You can also change some settings to get visual help to find your pit box.
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