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Thread: Pre-race screens quickly cycling, can't choose options

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    Pre-race screens quickly cycling, can't choose options

    Confession, I'm a total noobie to this. Trying PC2 on my Win 10 PC, through Steam, with a new Thrustmaster T300 RS GT. When in Control Config I set the options to TM T300 RS and when trying to set the Auto/Manual Trans to Auto, the screen alternates between Auto and Manual several times a second and I'm unable to make a choice. When going back to the Main Menu screen it does something similar. It cycles through all the choices, Career, Quick Play, Setup, Exit, etc. sequentially from right to left, at about 3-4 choices per second. I can't get control of the screen to stop the cycling with my keyboard or mouse. All software, T300, video drivers, Win 10 Pro, are up to date. Any suggestions?

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    I have had this, for me adding small deadzones to the pedals fixed it. Zero dead zones created unwanted random inputs that freaked the ui.
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    Is your wheel straight and calibrated in Thrustmaster control panel?
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    Any other peripherals plugged in that could be giving an input? if not, most likely the wheel not straight as said above. Either way, the game is reading an input from somewhere.
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