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Thread: Community rules and expectations update

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    Community rules and expectations update

    Hey everyone.

    As you have noticed SMS have provided us with a new area to discuss Project CARS 3. (thanks btw)

    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome newcomers and explain the expected forum behavior.

    Be Considerate
    Please be considerate of others and think before you type! Do not publish material that is hateful towards gender, race, religion etc. Every community member deserves to be treated as equals!
    Report Content
    If you believe a community member is engaging in an activity that breaks the rules, please inform one of our moderators. They will take relevant action if necessary. Report content by clicking the triangle-shaped icon located below the post.

    Constructive Criticism and Feedback.
    This server is not the place for you to unload your frustrations. Criticism and Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged, but you must first learn how to deliver said criticism and feedback. Usage of foul language, or repetitive comments designed solely to get a rise from the Team will not be tolerated, and you may be given a warning. Should you choose to ignore said warning, you will face a ban from this forum.
    Use English
    Although this forum welcomes everyone from all corners of the world, we can only communicate using the English language.

    DO NOT…
    Post Spam
    We will not tolerate multiple image posts, content that may be deemed offensive or upsetting to others, links to irrelevant external sites etc. Not only does spam make our forum appear messy, but other community members will find it a nuisance.
    Troll or Insult Others
    It should go without saying; any trolling/harassment/insults against other members of the community and staff will NOT be tolerated. Please respect one another and refrain from using vulgar or passive-aggressive (sarcastic) language.
    This forum is strictly for discussions on Slightly Mad Studios titles, and its partners (such as Codemasters). Please do not use this community space to promote or advertise other titles. If you have something relevant to show us, (such as community-created content) then this is perfectly okay.
    Publish Personal Information
    This includes name, phone numbers, home address, email address, etc.
    Post Hacks, Exploits or Malicious Programmes
    If a member of the community is found to have posted any hacks, cheats or malicious programs across our server, they will be permanently banned.
    Discuss Game Modifications
    Due to licensing restrictions with our partners and manufacturers featured in our titles, it is strictly prohibited to openly discuss, or post content that features, but not limited to; skins, vehicles, or maps.
    Post links to external sites (unless it's relevant)
    This includes links to leaked content, game exploits, violent threats, porn, unlawful, copyrighted material, piracy, auctioning, drugs, alcohol, religious, political or any other content that may be deemed as offensive and against the T&C’s.
    Impersonate a community moderator or Slightly Mad Studios Employee
    Doing so will result in a permanent block.
    Create Multiple Accounts
    If you are found to have created multiple accounts to access this server, you will be permanently blocked.
    Discuss infractions or moderator decisions in public threads.
    Use Private Messaging if needed.

    It's okay to let us all know if you are disappointed with one or more aspects of Project CARS 3, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. If you stick to the community rules above, you'll be fine.

    A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available, which should be particularly helpful for new members. It includes a brief explanation of the similarities and differences between recent SMS games.

    The moderation team.
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    DIY rig walk-through :

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