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Thread: Project CARS 3 (Hotlap, Breakout, Pace Setter, and Rivals all platforms)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joelster View Post
    I did mention it, 'Back With An Upgrade' is the name of it, but I finally managed to do it with the Acura.
    Hopefully, I'm about to be back on Rivals. I missed todays on pc. But, got a 8% platinum time in on console. Hopefully, it won't get bumped much.
    PC Win 10 Home 64bit ASUS Prime Z270-A/i7 7700K 4.5 GHz, 32 GB GSKILL Trident White 3200, EVGA SC GTX 1070 (MSI AfterBurner 109/89/124/425) Oculus Rift CV1 (VR Cover for eyewear)
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    Other wheels used in the past Logitech G25, DFGT (3x), MOMO, and Driving Force (GT3 A-Spec).

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    I would like to appreciate that in todays Rivals Daily we could choose cars. This what makes the game interesting - options and possibilities. Thats also what brings the element of surprise which for me was that Radical suited me best for that task, after testing few other machines. Here is my 3660 points run for those interested which line gives such result. And I should get 15 points more but because of known bug, game did not count one obstacle for 10 points + 5 for speed. So you can still beat me

    PS. I use roof cam for breakouts, car behind the car is set only for replay purposes
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