The amount of races that get ruined by imbeciles that just go around crashing people on purpose is a joke. The game is essentially dodgems or as Sebastian Vettel would say... ping pong. It's nearly impossible to get the player kicked from the lobby.

Lobby Host

The host of the lobby should get a higher vote power, either make it so their vote qualifies as multiple votes or make it so if they choose to kick someone it kicks them. Of course the latter can be abused but it's still better than having good lobbies ruined by crashers. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Required vote %

The required vote % is too high... it shouldn't need 16/18 people to vote kick someone.

- If there are 5 or less players, it should be 100% vote required to kick someone.
- If there are 6-10 players, it should be 50% of players required to kick someone.
- If there are 11+ players, it should be 33% of players required to kick someone.

Kick Vote is hidden

A lot of people don't even know you can kick people, let alone know how to do it... it should be more visible, maybe as a column on the leaderboard / player list.

Votes mid-race/session rarely ever work

The reason for this is that players don't want to compromise their own race by having to press (ESC, find the player, click on them and click kick...)

There should be a HUD menu system for players to be able to vote kick someone via a submenu rather than have to go to the player menu to find the driver who needs to be kicked.

There is no easy way to vote "Yes" or "No" to a kick vote, if someone attempts to kick someone from game it should popup a small notification in one of the corners saying that "Player xxxx has voted to kick yyyy. Would you like to kick yyyy?" and a prompt for yes or no. These responses should be able to be picked without having to click or compromise your race. If someone presses Y or F1 for example it would vote yes. If someone presses N or F10 it would vote no.

All in all, these issues need to be fixed for Project Cars 3. They should actually also be fixed for Project Cars 2 because it used to work better than it currently does and now the game is being ruined by players who are purposely trying to ruin peoples races.