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    Fernando's Introduction

    Hello fellow racers!

    I'm Fernando, the Social Media and Community Manager for Slightly Mad Studios and Project CARS 3.
    I've been meaning to join the forums sooner but working on this exciting title has filled up my schedule tenfold! So, allow me to properly introduce myself to the forums.

    I've joined SMS just a few months ago, but have been a fan of their work for much longer than that. In fact, I used to be the Social Media Manager for Apex Online Racing, and prior to that, I did competitive league racing and helped with league coordinating in other games for the good part of the last 10+ years.
    Racing games are my absolute favorite genre of games and have been part of my life since my very first proper game console with the mighty PlayStation. As long as you can do some sort of driving, or racing, I've most likely played it already.

    I'll be here to share news and updates with you about Project CARS 3 as they get published, and assist you with anything that I can regarding our games. I will also be keeping an eye out for miss behaviors, so be nice

    With that said, let's get out there and race!
    Fernando Moutinho
    Social Media and Community Manager SMS
    Twitter: @FernandoM76

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