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    Update #1 is now live for PlayStation 4

    The first update for Project CARS 3 is now available for all PS4 players. Read the notes below to find out what it addresses:

    • Audio:

    • Fixed double audio when quitting during the 3-2-1 Pre-Race countdown

    • Career:

    • Increased Difficulty for Road E
    • Increased Road D Hot Lap 3 target time
    • Increased Road D Pace Setter 2 target time
    • Increased Difficulty for GT C & GT B
    • Adjusted Race Length for GT C Race 5
    • Adjusted Race Length for GT B Race 5
    • Adjusted difficulty for Challenges Championships to match other changes
    • Adjusted number of corners to master in GT A Majors Long Beach from 10 to 9
    • Fixed invalid lap-time during rolling starts at Havana Capitolio
    • Fixed issue where the car lost all its customisation and appeared red in the 2nd round of the championships in Career

    • Crash Fixes:

    • Fixed a crash when tuning the Jaguar XJ220 and the McLaren F1
    • Fixed crash when user selected replay from a customisation screen on re-entering from a replay
    • Fixed crash when last “My Style” was removed
    • Fixed customisation rims size crashing if moving between vehicles with different number of available sizes
    • Fixed crash when entering “Deal of the Day” via the career

    • GUI:

    • Fixed Player Label corruption upon restarting a race
    • Improvements to Replay Mode UI
    • Fixed inability to select anyone below P12 in Spectator Mode
    • Tuning button in Pre-Race Menu now shows name of currently-selected tuning setup
    • Tuning button disabled in Rivals
    • Fixed screens not showing “Blizzard” weather type
    • Weather info made consistent throughout all screens in-game
    • Enabled Photo Mode in replay
    • Default colours to be used by patterns (black, white, grey) assigned
    • Added on-screen hint for how to take a photo in Photo Mode
    • Improved player label visuals for online / offline experience.
    • Background now scales with text.
    • Fixed fonts on Player labels on restarting a race
    • Lap counter on point-to-point tracks hidden
    • Subtitles stuck in races fixed

    • Online:

    • Always use player’s choice for gearing when in Quick Play and Scheduled Events assigned
    • Player now returns to lobby when quitting out of Spectator Mode
    • Rivals event participation rewards increased

    • PS4 Only:

    • Peripherals:
    • Logitech wheels issues on PS4 fixed
    • Support added for Thrustmaster T-GT

    • Render:

    • Toned down red crash vignette
    • Fixed clouds popping-in during races
    • Fixed shiny vinyls when using gloss base
    • Fixed random shadow flickering in-game

    • Vehicles:

    • Formula E:
    • GUI logo, vehicle name, and country flag updated
    • DS Techeetah team livery updated
    • Championship livery added, set as new default livery
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