Hi. I recently bought a Logitech G29 wheel, which was working perfectly for a few hours on F1 2019, before I tried playing PC2. The FFB on PC2 seemed to be quite off, even after a bit of tinkering, with unresponsive steering and sudden corrections from the wheel. I then switched back to F1 2019, and the wheel became essentially unusable, with unusually loud clicking sounds, intense vibrations, as if I were driving on gravel constantly, and very lethargic steering. Forum posts indicate that this is a common problem with PC2 which appears to change settings in the wheel without resetting, and while there are a few fixes for PC users, there appear to be none for PS4. I have tried a number of potential fixes, including checking registry settings on PC and uninstalling/reinstalling both F1 2019 and PC2, but none work. Is there any way I can fix this? If I were to get a replacement G29, would the problem persist? Thanks in advance