I have strange issues when reading my sms_stats_data.json files with filldb.pl inside pcars2-stats-master (github (dot) com/m1ndgames/pcars2-stats).

The main issue is that it seems the "members" arrays of each session are not always complete and I can't find a pattern. Sometimes the full array is empty... Only "participants" array has actual driver data in it, but it has not the same information nor structure, and sometimes the key of each driver entry is present, sometimes it is not.

I managed to upload correctly to my DDBB the practice laptimes, as well as the driver names, car IDs and livery IDs from the "participants" subarray when it's not available in the "members" one, but the setup each driver uses is not present in the "participants" array, so I cannot extract the "RaceStatFlags".

Is this normal? Have any of you found this issue as well? I have read every post I've found regarding sms_stats_data and its potential issues, and don't know where else to look.