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Thread: Time Attack Style Event

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    Time Attack Style Event

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to create a Time Attack style of community event. My thoughts were to use the qualifying mode with an extended period of time to allow for drivers to set their time at a time that is suitable for them, and then take all the recorded times into a spreadsheet for logging, and repeat the next day.

    Is this possible? I've seen that whenever a driver jumps in, they set a time but then when they leave the lobby, it was like they were never there to begin with. That would render the solution to not be fit for my purpose, however I'm trying to see whether there is a way of doing this.

    Please let me know if you can - would really appreciate it.


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    One way to do this is with a dedicated server, because this offers full logging capabilities. Only way I can think of doing it with an ordinary multiplayer lobby is to write a small app that reads all people's times through telemetry (shared memory) and logs them manually, but that would require the PC with the app to always be running the game and being inside that lobby 24/7...

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