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Thread: Not saving car set ups

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    Not saving car set ups

    I have Xbox One s & project cars 2 and have problems saving car set ups, I input new car set ups and save either to existing set up or create new. When I go back to find the set ups they are gone. Last night I entered 6 different set ups at the respective tracks and not one was there when I checked later. I have also had friends send me set ups, saved them and gone onto the track, done a qualifying session and returned to pits, as I click on tuning set up it changes back to default set up every time. It never use to do this, plus I have two Xbox machines set up and it does it on both as I discovered last night, Any ideas why please and how to fix it.

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    This is happening in multiplayer? Any chance the lobby host has setups to default only? Even if you're hosting, double check your settings.

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