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Thread: Online features not working

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    Online features not working

    Unable to use any Pcars2 online features. I mean nothing. My PS plus is way up to date.
    I get a screen that says, "you have been disconnected from playstation network, exiting session " every time I try and join a lobby.
    I've uninstalled,,,reinstalled. Tried two different disc. Purchased the digital version and still can't use the online features.
    I can join online lobbies and use ACC and F1 2020. But not with Pcars2.
    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Hello ONESPACE, I am having the same problem here, I already contacted Bandai Namco Support but they can't solve my problem.
    My ID on psn was hacked recently and after I call to Playstation support I had my ID restored but with a different ID name.
    I suspect there is a conflict with the past ID name with currently ID name and for this reason is not working.

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