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Thread: Logitech G920 Steering Wheel and Pedals

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    Logitech G920 Steering Wheel and Pedals

    Iíve recently bought my son the Logitech G920 steering wheel and pedals for his Xbox for Christmas,after reading reviews on the steering wheel it was the top one of reviews.
    Using it for the first time today the carís handling is really poor,the car doesnít brake in time then shudders to a halt,also the car(s) donít turn into the corner when braking.
    When I reverted back to the Xbox controller it was fine.
    I know some cars are different and some cars extremely hard to handle but I used a couple of cars I can handle(Audi&Bentley) and the steering wheel and pedals are making it extremely difficult to drive.

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    This is on PC2 or 3? Regardless, no wheel will handle well without some setup work. Unfortunately, these settings are very much a personal thing, so some experimentation will be required. On the upside, there's plenty of posts to be searched here and Youtube videos to help you along.

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    Have you tried to calibrate the wheel and pedals within the game?
    I'm not familiar with the Logitech wheels, but on thrustmaster models you have to correctly set the DoR (degrees of rotation) of the wheel (900 degrees for example) to make things work more smoothly.
    Regarding the car not turning when braking...maybe the pedals are not calibrated and the front wheels are locking, which will make the car not turn.

    Also on the menu, controls - configuratio, check if you have the deadzones on the pedals on 0 and the sensitivity on 50 (Linear)

    Have you also played with the force feedback settings on the menu?
    Try to use the following:
    Flavour: raw
    Gain: 100
    Volume: 30
    tone: 50
    Fx: 15

    good luck.

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