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Thread: Export race replays on XB1

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    Export race replays on XB1

    I've searched the forums and used Google, but I can't find anything than answers relating to the PC version. So here goes:

    Is there a way to export/download your race replays from Project Cars 2 on the XBox One? If there is, could someone reply back with how?


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    an option would be, to have an external USB pen/disk (USB 3.0) and assign it as record device.
    Then you you start recording, and play the replay. this way you would save the replay to the external device.
    With an external device you can record up to 1h.
    There was some bugs a couple of months ago, that wouldn't allow to save 4K 60FPS...but I'm assuming you have the "normal" Xbox One, so this won't affect you.

    Hope it helps.
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