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Thread: Driver Seat Adjustments: demo and how to video

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    Driver Seat Adjustments: demo and how to video

    I posted this in PC3 discord, but figured I might reach more people here. It is possible to adjust your driver seat positions, heck possible to just adjust the camera in any view. I read it on a steam forum post and then tested it myself. It worked even on XBox, but you need a keyboard. I do not know for sure that it works on Playstation, but I suspect it does. You simply hit cntrl+K on your keyboard. On XBox, hitting it once, QWEASD will move the camera. Hit it twice, and it changed to WASDZCYH, but more incremental changes are doable. You have to do each and every time you enter a race, as it resets when you leave. Fun fact, any saved camera views you set will show it in replays as well. Check out my video, as I show you what you can do with it. I apologize in advance for mic quality.

    It is doable to adjust in multiplayer, but you need to be quick. You can see me do it here at the start of this race. In the second clip, I am slow makig my adjustments and it does affect my standing start. Was worth it for a great race in a usable cockpit.
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    This also works on Playstation for all three Project CARS titles in case anyone is wondering.
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    It also works on PC and great on a triple screen set up
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