After trying a huge amount of FFB settings with the T300 wheelbase and never really being satisfied I finally found this one and maybe you may find it to your liking as well INF 75 65 50 70 0.26 wheel rotation on T300 base should be set to the least degrees of rotation , I think it is 270 degrees that you set by pushing the mode button on the left hand lower side of the wheel base at the same time as pressing the right side of the D-pad until the red light flashes just one time.

So as to help obtain the strongest FFB continuously I improved my fan by removing the sticker on it to expose the fan spindle and its spring and while pushing the fan inward I applied a very small dab of silicone grease to the inner edge of the spindle on a cotton bud but you could use a thin paint brush etc .I also made a cowling (tunnel) cut from a yogurt carton and zip tied it to the fan housing through the holes that are for screws on its outer casing this goes from the fan to the motor but does not touch against the motor cooling fins,just close leaving a gap of approx. 1.5 cm .This helps to concentrate air movement from the motor itself rather than the fairly loose movement of air with nothing in place ,I feel that my force feed back is less likely to fade badly during hours of racing since doing this but I am going to add another external PSU powered turbo fan to improve cooling more soon. NOTE if you do this it is at your own risk and you may void any warranty that applies to your wheelbase