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Thread: Social Telemetry, World-Records, Ranking

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    Social Telemetry, World-Records, Ranking


    After many months of work, I released, currently in BETA stage:

    The platform offers:

    • Telemetry Logger for AC, ACC, iRacing & Project Cars 2, and Automobilista 2 (more to come soon)
    • Compare up to 3 laps on the same charts
    • Choose from dozens of telemetry channels
    • Dynamic racing line map
    • Automatic video recording of your best lap in each session and side by side view with others laps
    • World Records system - see best laps on each sim/car/track combination and how you rank
    • Unique Ranking system - climb the leaderboard for each sim or overall
    • Automatic logging of setup information and files (for supported sim)
    • Public or Private mode - you can control If your laps are private or public (contact us for private mode)
    • Pro drivers in private mode can create Telemetry packs and offer them as a free or paid subscription
    • and many more!

    The platform was built by sim racers, and already used in Alpha by dozens of drivers, and currently has ~100,000 free laps telemetry on it for ~200 cars and ~200 tracks

    The platform is 100% functional, but still need some work on the appearance.

    During the beta, the platform is 100% free. after the beta, we will publish subscription packages and we will also have a free package.

    I welcome any feedback.

    Thank you!

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    Hi, nice work! I'm guessing it's PC only?
    I had a look at the website, and for Project CARS 2, there were a few cars and tracks that's not in the game. My guess is that they are from Automobilista 2? I'm on console, so I don't know, but since AMS2 uses the Madness engine and possibly identical UDP/Shared memory, it might be hard to tell them apart? Anyway, great initiative.
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    You are 100% right.

    Before I added support for Automobilista 2 all laps made on Automobilista 2 registered as Project Cars 2. This issue was fixed about 3 days ago when I officially added support for Automobilista 2.
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    Release 1.3.37

    Minor bug fixes
    Added full support for RaceRom
    Added initial support for rFactor 2. Full telemetry logging is working. Not participating in World Records and Ranking yet.

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    Release 1.4

    More Telemetry Channels:

    now also support “Water Temp”, “Oil Temp”, “Suspension Travel”

    Individual Profile Dashboard:

    Each driver gets a profile page with an image, bio, and full statistic about driving time (Laps/Minutes), World records progress, and Ranking Progress with drill down by sim or by period, includes tables, charts, and more

    World Records Improvements:

    Now you can search the world records by track or by car and select multiple cars on the same track to compare or just watch the latest world records registered on the platform

    Improved Stint/Lap details:

    Now can see details and telemetry of partial laps as well as completed laps, and for each lap see it includes pit entrance/exit.

    Privacy Policy:

    Now we have a privacy policy in place

    FAQ Update:

    We’ve added more questions and answers to the FAQ page.

    Improved Security:

    The telemetry logger app is now signed with a trusted 3d party certificate.

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