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Thread: AI can't plan a pit strategy

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    AI can't plan a pit strategy

    Hey all,

    I know this problem has been adressed previously but those topics are quite some time ago, before some patches. But it still persists...
    So in a 1h-1.5h race I can do with a one stop. For example GT3, with hard tyres. During that stop my tyres are maybe 40-50% worn, and I change them.

    What the AI does:

    Stop about halfway for refueling. NOT changing their tyres, I know this because they gain about 10-12 seconds with that stop.
    Then either:
    - Don't go for a tyre change at all anymore, making me 2-4 seconds per lap faster as the race progresses.
    - Go for a tyre change stop later in the race, making it a two stop for them.

    I race without tyre wear now to make it exciting. It's a real shame!
    Anyone notices the same?

    Cheers and thanks!
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