Hi all;

I've recently bought a G923, and tried it on Project Cars and Project Cars 2.

It has the ancient issue of keeping the 900 degrees of rotation on every vehicle you drive, and driving a freaking go-kart like it's a bus or a truck it not exactly fun.

I used to have this issue in the past with my G920 but sorted it out removing the famed Logitech Profiler which I used for older peripherals. But this time I'm running this thing on Windows 10, latest update, and the only Logitech software installed on my PC is G Hub.

I calibrate the wheel the correct way, i.e. rotate all the way to the left or right extreme, then recentre, and then go to 90 degrees so that the game recognises 900 degrees as the range.

But NOTHING seems to work. How do you guys manage to activate the intelligent DOR recognition and the soft lock? It was pure bliss then it worked.

Please help me; I've been dying to get back to Project Cars and its sequel! ^_^

Thank you!