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Thread: time trials not saving my times

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    time trials not saving my times

    I've been enjoying doing time trials, but my times are not being saved.
    I've been doing doing some laps with the Ferrari 488 gt3 and only my best time in Brno was saved.
    When I go to other tracks my times are not saved.
    I haven't been able to beat my best time in Brno so I have no idea if it still works on that track.
    can someone please help me figure out way this is happening?
    I really like this game but it is annoying not having your best times saved.

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    This might be the issue (assuming you're on console. Profile says PC, but you posted in PS4 section):
    Due to technical limitations from Sony and Microsoft, console leaderboards are grouped into HUGE classes. For example, all open wheelers are in the same class. Only the best laptime in the class is saved. It's a pity.

    This is why I made Download a small program, that runs on a Windows PC on the same network, that saves all your laptimes for all cars on all tracks. Your time is saved to my database, together with other projectcalc users and all PC players.
    All free, no strings attached. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

    Also, make sure your laps are valid.
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    Project CALC - cross-platform PC2 leaderboards per car - Xbox/PS4/PC - Forum thread
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    Don't shut the game when in tt menu, return to main menu first. Doing a cool down lap first also seems to help. This on Xbox but may also help saving on PS4. Sometimes updated times do not appear straight away and there can be few hours delay.
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    yes, I am on PS4 and my laps are valid.
    I tried everything, but my times simply do not appear
    I'll try your, it looks good.
    thanks guys

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    I managed to save a TT lap time today by downloading a ghost from the top time, then did at least 2 clean laps, passed, exit and saved and my lap time was showing.

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