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Thread: Race Circuits Past, Present & Fictional

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    Question Race Circuits Past, Present & Fictional

    Hi folks. I'm a bit of a track guy, love my cars but really get a kick out of the real estate I drive them on. The history & subsequent iterations of these circuits really floats my boat.

    Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends by non other than our SMS on the PS3 was so cool. Going from B&W to colour in the early races was a such a sweet touch. Hairs on the back of the neck type thing.

    I'm very curious about what it takes to get licenses or the go ahead for these old circuits that are based on the modern counterparts.
    Not asking for any in depth business dealings, none of my business. Was more wondering in a general sense, for those in the know, what it takes to get the go ahead to make multiple models of the same tracks with shortened variations & the older originals. Is it a cash thing or is the work load just way too much? Mixture of both?

    Very pleased with SMS's roster of new, old & fictional circuits. But I'm human & want more, you know how it is.

    Keep up the good work folks.

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    I think it more so depends on the reference material you have to work with. If you already have the licenses for it, then making historical layouts is probably not a problem at all, but you still have to somehow get at least a frame work of how the older circuits were in the past. A lot of the Vintage Le Mans model from PCARS2 was just done through meticulous video study iirc, so it's possible but a huge undertaking if you want to have a pretty accurate track.

    Plus it's proven that people would rather have a new track than work done to make a new version of an existing model, but I'd love to have more historic tracks as well. I know there was a Daytona Beach track, I wonder if anyone still has those shots and videos and stuff.
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