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-And then people who play on 1080p screens get less graphical options just so that people with 4k monitors won't complain?
Good grief. What on earth are you talking about?? Where did I ask for less graphical options? I don't think you read my post at all. Having such a large disparity between the framerate the game spends most of its time at (i.e dry races) and the small portion (i.e wet races) is not good for anyone, regardless of screen or high/low end GPU because it means you have to tune settings for that lowest scenario and put up with an ugly game for most of the time OR have a terrible framerate during those other times. Both of these suck and are bad design. Unless of course you're doing something weird like using a 3080 on a 1080p 60hz screen.

No other game I can think of is like this.