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    The Z1 Designer makes it easy to create analogue gauges for the Z1 Dashboard. This video walks you through creating a gauge, and includes some tricks on combining multiple gauges onto a single dial.

    Download the Z1 Designer today:

    0:00 Intro
    0:38 Getting Started
    1:00 Needles and Gauges
    1:23 Setting up Your Gauge
    3:29 Adding a Second Needle
    5:31 Adding Text
    6:03 Adding a Transparent Gauge
    8:33 Final Thoughts
    Z1 Dashboard software: dashboards, track maps, telemetry, timing & scoring and more.

    Z1 Analyzer software: the telemetry analysis software aimed at improving the most important part of the car - you the driver!

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    Version 2022.4 of the Z1 Designer is now available! This is the application that lets you create or edit dashboards for use in the Z1 Dashboard. Highlights of this update include:

    Undo/Redo functionality:

    Optionally specify the sim you are designing for to see the available data channels:

    Ability to set data channel values or 'play' them between a minimum and maximum value:

    Don't forget the current year end sale for the Z1 Software. Enter the code GOFASTER22 at checkout.

    The Z1 Designer can be downloaded here:

    Full list of release notes:
    * You can now adjust the values of the data channels in the Designer. This lets you see how changing the values effects the display of you design. To do so select Windows->Data Channel Values. This displays a new window showing all the current values for each data channel. You can use the slider to adjust the current value of the data channel. Each data channel has a minimum and maximum value. These can be adjusted using the the two text fields.

    * Data channel values can now be 'played' in the Designer. There are several buttons in the Data Channel Values window that allow this to happen. The 'Play' button will start the process. When playing, the values of each data channel will move between their minimum and maximum values. To stop playing, click the 'Stop' button. You can choose which data channels get played by ticking the checkbox next to their name. By default all channels are included. There are two buttons that allow you to select all or none of the data channels.

    * There is now a Sim drop down in the Dashboard Properties window (Windows->Dashboard Properties). Selecting a sim from this drop down will tell the Designer which sim you are designing your dashboard for. Based on the selected sim, any data channel drop downs will grey out channels that are not supported by that sim. For example, if you selected iRacing as your sim then when you are looking at data channels to assign to an object certain channels, such as Boost Pressure, will be greyed out. Note that this is only a guide. Just because a channel is greyed out does not mean you can't select it and use it in your design. It just means that there is no data associated with it in the selected sim.

    * There is a Data Channel Playing Hertz option in the settings dialog. This lets you choose the speed at which the data channel values change when being played. Higher numbers equate to faster change.

    * The data channel minimum and maximum values, and their current playback status, will be saved when you exit the Designer.

    * There is a Reset button at the bottom of the Data Channel Values window which will reset the data channels to their default minimum, maximum and current values, as well as including them all in playback.

    * Undo/Redo. The Designer now supports undo and redo. You can use the menus options under the Edit menu, or the standard Windows Ctrl-Z for undo and Shift-Ctrl-Z for redo. Undo/redo is supported for up to 20 changes. After that older changes will be discarded.

    * Competitors Tool: Added Car Number options.

    * Widgets: Added Class Position, Class Position/Total Cars and Distance To Pit options.

    * Warnings: Added In Pit Lane option, Traction Control Engaged, Headlight Flash.

    * Data Channels: ERS Deployment Mode

    Download the Z1 Designer here:

    Out end of year sale continues with 50% off the Z1 Software: Enter the code GOFASTER22 at checkout.
    Z1 Dashboard software: dashboards, track maps, telemetry, timing & scoring and more.

    Z1 Analyzer software: the telemetry analysis software aimed at improving the most important part of the car - you the driver!

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