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Thread: RIP to one of Sim Racing's Brightest Stars

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    RIP to one of Sim Racing's Brightest Stars

    The title isn't mine, but it does convey what I feel. The news that William Marsh(Sim Racing Paddock) passed away at only 27 years old hit me quite hard.

    He didn't know me personally, but I did a few races on a live stream with him once and I have very fond memories of that(we also had quiite some close on-track time). For anyone interested it's this one:

    I feel really bad I don't have the replay files anymore(more than I did before).

    Specifically the "Netcode(!)" remark in the last race has been an in-joke among my simracing friends for years now. And as said I didn't know him, but to me he was one of(if not the) the most down-to-earth/real-person simracing YouTubers I know. One of the people I'd could definitely see being a very close friend.

    More explaination about how and what(and where I got the title) here:

    RIP Mr. Netcode
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    Yeah sad to hear especially at that age.
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    RIP Racer may you find eternal rest
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    Sad to hear. I didn't agree with what he said in his videos, well ever, but that age is too young. RIP.
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