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Thread: lost career progress pc2 after 127hours

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    Angry lost career progress pc2 after 127hours

    I started the game as always. Wanted to continue my career (127hours) and everything is gone without doing anything. I can only choose to be a new driver? any fix for this? made a copy of my savegamesfolder deleted it and reinstalled project cars 2 in the hope my progress had a online backup as id had before.... But nothing

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    Fock i have same problem, i never had this before, i built new computer like before, Run Steam , Run Project Cars and all progress is Lost after 5 seasons 77hr+, game need create new driver and new career i have backup steam like before everytime is working NOW NOT. Why game dont download save progress from cloud when i set in Steam Permanently Can Someone HELP
    Setting saved, progress lost and online profile stats reset too what he fuck is that guys???
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