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Thread: RACEONOZ season 15 - GT3 championship - Sunday night league

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    RACEONOZ season 15 - GT3 championship - Sunday night league

    HI all,

    Have a couple of grid spots available in our Sunday night GT3 championship starting on the 2nd May.

    Entry thread here -

    - Cars are Audi, McLaren and Lambo GT3
    - 7 week season , races on Sunday nights from 8pm SYDNEY time.
    - Season open to AUSTRALIAN and NEW ZEALAND drivers only
    - 3 divisions, catering for all levels.
    - Teams championship
    - Prize supplied by NEXT LEVEL RACING - GT Lite cockpit

    If interested please reply here and we will be able to get you in a division.
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    Corrected the URL for you. Have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzza5 View Post
    Corrected the URL for you. Have fun.
    Hey mate, hope you are well.

    Wondering if you have any idea why the PS4/5 servers are so bad at the moment ?

    We were getting our races broadcast, but its unworkable at the moment... The guy that was doing it (medomonen) was fine 2 seasons ago, this season its lag central. New modem, NBN connection 35 down and 7 up (should be heaps) but every PC2 lobby he tries is just a jittery lag fest.

    He jumped on ACC to broadcast and was a smooth as anything, which would suggest its a PCARS issue.

    Any help appreciated
    Thanks Stu

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