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Thread: Time to open your wallet again.

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    You know it's bad when you can take your £780 GPU into a 'cash exchange' shop and get £1300 cash for it.

    I know nvidia are a business, but they must realise how bad it looks in the eyes of every single gamer out there who has been trying to source a 3080 since launch to keep launching new models. I was lucky (exceedingly lucky, given that others in the queue I was in are now being refunded as a result of MSI discontinuing the card they were still waiting for since launch day), I got my card and had a free upgrade, but even I am angry at what nvidia are doing right now. That's assuming all these rumours of the new ti cards are indeed true.
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    I'll be waiting for the 4080 Ti at this rate and then eventually a DDR5-based system build.

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    I’ll wait on the first quantum computers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Hargreaves View Post
    I was looking at eBay prices for 3080s, I could give up PC gaming sell mine and make enough back to break even on all the money I've spent on PC gaming in the last couple of years. But I don't want to, I'm probably enjoying it as much as ever with AMS2 and MSFS2020, plus all the other usual titles I dip into from time to time. The £700 quid the 3080 cost, eyewatering at the time looks like a bargain now. Ironically, I sold my 2080 because I'm usually rubbish at getting rid of old hardware, so I wanted to sell it before it went down in value too much, but if I'd hung on to it I could have paid for the 3080 by flogging it now. Strange days.
    Without any investiagtion in advance I sold my 1080ti FE to a friend for 300 € and never wanted to look back. Now I found they currently cost twice as much. Well........ never mind, at least it went to a friend.

    EDIT: Sorry Olijke, looks like we got a bit off track pretty soon.
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    In case you´re looking for some clean and relaxed online racing with 1+ hrs of racing time, take a look at this:
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