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Thread: VR night races - horrid performance, can i turn off night races in career?

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    VR night races - horrid performance, can i turn off night races in career?

    Hi All

    Title says it all really. My VR performance is otherwise solid. Played with settings quite a bit, but its just awful at night. So i have to bail from the game entirely and make it look like turd everytime there is a race, or qualifying session etc at night.

    Can i do anything with a mod or .ini file or something to turn off night races in career?


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    What are your PC specs? CPU, GPU and VR headset specifically.

    I know in the past that some of our league members would struggle at the start of night races, with all the car headlights (and worse with a wet track), but this is going back 3 years now. Make no mistake, pCARS2 can push many systems to breaking point at times if you run with max detail.

    I will add, however, that it's not just pCARS2. I know a lot of people running ACC that have to turn LOTS of detail down in VR to get acceptable frame rates on modern VR headsets. It's generally OK with a single car on track, but when you get lots of cars then performance can absolutely tank.

    EDIT: Oh and to answer your question, nope, the career races are set in stone so you'll have to find a way to "grin and bear it".
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    Thanks for the reply, your answer is what I expected.

    Specs are
    5600X on x570
    32G 3200MHz
    All running on NVMe storage

    Latest firmware and drivers, clean install of windows

    Running HP G2 at native resolution, mostly lower detail, no MSAA, track medium, cars ultra, and it runs well on everything except night races.

    You are quite correct too, after the first lap or so it dies get a bit better, but still somewhat vomit inducing.

    Might abandon doing career in the game, as adjusting it for all the random night events is a bit of a pain


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