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Thread: Freeze Project Cars 2 when i use a g29

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    Freeze Project Cars 2 when i use a g29

    i use a g29 and ghub, and pc2 freeze when i want to play
    when i dont use my wheele it dont freeze
    and it freeze when i plug it in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Futura1994 View Post
    i use a g29 and ghub, and pc2 freeze when i want to play
    when i dont use my wheele it dont freeze
    and it freeze when i plug it in
    May well be the same issue as reported with AMS2.. sounds like Logitech screwed up something in the newer versions of G Hub

    This is from the AMS2 forums
    1. Go to Logitech Support (Logitech G Hub) Logitech G HUB
    2. Click in "Show All Downloads", choose you OS version (Windows 10 in my particular case) and scroll down until you find Software Version 2021.3.5164
    3. Download and install Logitech G Hub Software Version 2021.3.5164
    4. Immediately go to Settings and unmark the "Activate Auto Updates" checkbox.
    5. Reconfigure every hardware you like and you're good to go.

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