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Thread: Accelerator pedal no response

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    I'm having a similar issue. Everything was working fine and has been for the last year. Now neither pedals or wheel work on PC1 or PC2 via Steam. When I go to calibrate, there is no response to input. In Windows controller setup, everything seems fine and all input shows a response. Assetto Corsa works fine with the wheel and pedals.

    On one occasion, I managed to get a brief temporary response in PC2 by switching from G29 to the G920. When I did this, it allowed me to calibrate the pedals and I was able to see the response to pedal press in the calibration. However, when I went to calibrate the wheel, there was no response and going back to pedal calibration showed no response. Switching between these wheels and others has not replicated this behavior again. In PC1, I switched between separate/combined pedals and it also allowed me to perform a successful calibration but on entering the game. Nothing worked. It now seems that if I set the pedals to combined, it lets me calibrate the wheel every time but the pedal calibration only shows the combined input when pressing the clutch pedal. Switching back to the correct setting of "separate" shows not input response during calibration of wheel or pedals.

    I also managed to pull a Logitech update yesterday (after the issue) but that didn't fix anything. Restarted PC, restarted game, restarted Steam, tried selecting different controllers in Steam. NOTHING!
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    If the controller is not detected in-game, try this:
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