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Thread: New Grid game announced... Speculate away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpcdem View Post
    SMP was also in the previous Grid 2019 game, so it makes sense to be in the new one as well. Btw, Automobilista 2 also has Adelaide, brilliant track/circuit! And it features even a historic version of it, together with the modern version!
    Ah right. I never played that game, so i didn't know. But yeah, it would make sense to have it in the new game too.
    Turn 8 at Adelaide..
    Back in either the 70's or 80's before they moved to Albert Park for the Aus GP, F1 used to race at the Adelaide street circuit using that longer historic layout.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzza5 View Post
    Remember the good old ToCA days with all of the Aussie tracks? Which may or may not have become GTR 2 mods iirc.

    Gotta wait and see reviews comparing the handling of GRID 2019 and Legends. I do love a good story mode as a cheesy reason to keep coming back to a racing game. Codies always nails the presentation of their games.
    Those were good games, the TOCA/DTM/V8 Supercar Racedriver titles.

    Quote Originally Posted by FS7 View Post
    I do, and I remember being a fan of Surfers Paradise which unfortunately hasn't been in any game for a long time.
    Surfer's Paradise street course used to be longer back in those days. Quite some time back now, they shortened the layout, and cut out the section from after the pit exit chicane to just before the fast chicane on the back straight. Still have no idea why they did that. I liked the old layout.
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    Good article about the story mode:

    DIY rig walk-through :

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    looks nice and could by my favorite fun racer.
    Unfortunatelly since pCars + Oculus Rift i'm dedicated to VR only.
    Tried Forza7, Horizon 4 + 5 but its not my game anymore w/o my headset
    Every car could be a race car, as long as you have the balls to drive it like that !

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    Quote Originally Posted by satco1066 View Post
    looks nice and could by my favorite fun racer.
    Unfortunatelly since pCars + Oculus Rift i'm dedicated to VR only.
    Tried Forza7, Horizon 4 + 5 but its not my game anymore w/o my headset
    Yeah VR is the way to go with racegames. Unfortunately I can’t afford a new system with the latest VR tech so I’m stuck with my current setup. Occasionally I put on my Rift and have a few laps fun but the bad GFX makes it not that great anymore. So I stick with my triple setup for some time. Or singel screen when it comes to fun racers like pc3 and perhaps the new grid game.
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