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Thread: How to set caliberation for keyboard?

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    Question How to set caliberation for keyboard?

    I'm playing the game with a normal keyboard. What are the best calibration settings (sensitivity, etc.) that I should start with to get a decent playing experience? And what do the difference settings mean?
    Default settings just seem plain unplayable.

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    It is possible to increase the accuracy on the touch screen keyboard that is provided on the HTC android phone. The process of tuning the keyboard according to the user is called calibration. You need to tap on the Menu option from the home screen. There you will be able to find the option called Settings. In settings you will be able to find an option called Language and Keyboard. There you need to tap on Enter. There one of the options that you would find would be Text Enter. There you will find the option called Calibration tool. You just need to tap the phrase given there so that the phone understands your typing style and that would be set for your touch keyboard on the phone. If you are facing issues with the touchpad keyboard on your Xbox then reset Xbox.

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