Myself and a few other have organised racing leagues on other racing games. We are called "Dirty Skid Marks", but dont let the title put you off.
Our ethos is 'be clean, but competitive' and in our other leagues we encouraged sportsmanship and look to our experienced drivers to encourage and advise those less skilled in racecraft.
Nothing beats the trill of racing against other humans and we would love to start a league on Project Cars 2.
Our concept right now is a Touring Car league on a Friday night about 9pm (ish) UK timezone.
15 minute qualifier and a 30 minute race.
Cars would use realistic driving aids, full car damage, fuel depletion and accelerated tire wear. There'd be one mandatory pit stop.
Mechanical failures, manual pitting and pit errors on will feature as just like in real life, they're dramatic and race altering.
if you are interested or have a question or advise then let me know.
Your skill level is unimportant, as long as you are clean. Of course crashes do happen, but the odds are reduced through practice and course knowledge.
We are hoping to start as soon as possible.